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Let Us Paint Your House, Deck, Fence !!!


Simeone and Robert here !! We have been working in the house painting business for more than 35 years. We're an Upscale, Professional Painting Company that provides answers to your painting needs.

Get An Estimate
Our estimate includes:
A diagnostic of existing paint problems on your home and what to do about them
Handouts describing new, longer lasting paint, primers and stains
Handouts and descriptions about methods for a longer lasting paint job.
Some empowerment  -  how to receive a paint bid, what questions to ask, and where you can find bargains and where you can't !!

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Our Vision  


We are here to give you the integrity of old-fashioned quality workmanship and responsible service: a very neat, clean job - no paint/stain on walkways, brick, windows, roof, decks, etc... 


Always friendly, flexible, responsible and professional service.

Color Choice  


Our modern methods were developed from consultations and technical literature supplied by the Eastern Michigan University paint laboratory/ paint graduate department; input from representatives of the tech department of Maxum, Sherwin-Williams and Cabot paint manufacturers, and finally from our own experience.

OR CALL US : 734-709-2902/734-922-2933

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